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Sharifa Elaraj graduated from the University of Minnesota, earning her bachelor’s degree in Speech-Communications in June of 1999.

Sharifa went to Hamline University School of Law.  She received her Juris Doctor in May 2002.  She was accepted to practice law in the State of Minnesota in September 2003.  She also received  a master’s is Alternative Dispute Resolution from Hamline University Dispute Resolution Center on January 2015.

Sharifa Elaraj is a Mediator for the City of Minneapolis, civil rights department for over 17 years mediating cases such as breach of contract, discrimination, hostile work environment, wrongful termination and other civil matters.  Ms. Elaraj has served as a mediator for the city of Saint Paul for 5 years mediating a wide variety of cases ranging from breach of contract matters to all types of employment cases, to community and neighborhood dispute cases.  She was an arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association from 2010 until 2023, arbitrating personal injury cases.

Sharifa Elaraj was a managing partner an an owner of Elaraj and Associates since 2003 and has represented clients in many types of cases such as premise liability, auto accident, slip and falls, products liability, medical malpractice, and wrongful death, police brutality cases and workers’ compensation, defective device, and other civil cases.

Sharifa Elaraj takes pride in advocating for the less privileged.  Insurance companies are the Goliaths and have deep pockets.  Some of these companies unfortunately rather hired their own attorneys than pay for the medical bills and what is reasonable in my client’s cases.  “We are here to make our client’s life as easy as possible after such a tragedy.”  An accident can change people life forever and we are attorneys that are concern and care about our clients’ problems after these tragedies. 

Some of my clients have had a negative impression of attorneys their whole life, Sharifa states.  I am here to change the negative experience into a positive one. It is important to have a good rapport with my clients.  Good communication with clients can be difficult for attorneys when you are handling many cases.  However, attorneys should make communication with their client a number one priority in their work.  All cases are important.  Each case in our firm is important and we handle it with detail and care.  Sharifa also believes that keeping clients updated about their case is as important as getting them the compensation that they deserve.  

Educating our clients is part of this firm’s goals.  I truly believe that a client that knows enough about their rights is more satisfied with the outcome of their case.  The reason why, is because these clients knew what to expect from the beginning.  

We have handled different type of personal injury cases, ranging from soft tissue, and surgical cases to wrongful death cases.  Each case is valued differently, depending on the insurance company’s policy and the treatments that clients receive.  Many important issues come into play in the final negotiation of these cases.

Ms. Elaraj is an active member of the Minnesota Justice Foundation, the Hennepin Bar Association, the Hispanic Bar Association and the Minnesota State Bar Association.

She was a member of the Latino Advisory Committee for the City of Minneapolis from 2006-2012.  In this position, she helped implement policies that would help bridge the gap between the needs of different minority groups and the City of Minneapolis.

 Ms. Elaraj was a guest speaker at Minnesota State University in Mankato at the Chicano-Latino Conference in April 2007 where she helped young Latino students navigate the different Professional Opportunities after college and the need for more available Role Models for Young Latinos.

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