Work Authorizations

Having the ability to work legally within the United States is imperative for the survival of any family, but filing for work authorization is one of the most complex areas of immigration law. The attorneys at Robichaud, Schroepfer & Correia, P.A. will help you find a way.

Whether through a visa or some other immigration benefit, there are many ways to obtain permission to work in the United States. You may even be eligible for work authorization while your case is pending. However, there are complicated rules about eligibility and timing. The application must be filed properly and any mistake can cause substantial delay or a gap in your permission to work that can cost you your job. Do not risk this.

There are several routes to obtain work authorization, including:

  • Family Petitions: Depending on the circumstances, applicants may be eligible for work authorization while their case is pending.
  • U Visas: Victims of crimes can obtain work authorization upon approval of their visa.
  • Cancellation of Removal Applications: Get permission to work while your case is pending before the immigration judge.
  • AsylumWork authorization is available for applicants of asylum, but the timing of your application is difficult.
  • Stay of Removal: You may be able to get work authorization even if you are not eligible for a visa.
  • Student Visas: In limited circumstances, students are eligible to do off-campus work.

Let us help you find out if you are eligible for work authorization.