Immigration Counsel for Attorneys

Your client’s immigration status could play a role in his or her criminal case, divorce, or child custody case. We are able to offer immigration legal services to attorneys whose clients face underlying immigration concerns. Protect your client from serious, unintended immigration consequences.

Our Role

First and foremost, we respect the existing attorney-client relationship you have with your client and will provide only the services you request. Our most common service to fellow attorneys is providing memoranda of law regarding the potential immigration consequences of your client’s case. We are also available as co-counsel or as immigration law referrals to represent your client in immigration court or to help clients apply for immigration benefits related to their family law cases.

Criminal Law and Immigration Law

If your client is an undocumented immigrant, visa holder, or legal permanent resident who has been accused of a crime there may be immigration consequences of pleading guilty. The interplay of criminal law and immigration law is complex — there are federal immigration laws that define crimes differently from how they are defined in the criminal code. Certain crimes, for example, can be classified as “crimes of moral turpitude” or “aggravated felonies” by immigration courts, which can lead to the deportation of otherwise law-abiding green card holders. Protect your client’s future. Talk to us.

Family Law and Immigration Law

Family law and immigration law can intersect in interesting ways. A citizen and immigrant wishing to marry may face scrutiny by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Divorce may completely cut off spousal benefits and impact an immigrant spouse’s ability to stay in the U.S. There are also challenges involving international child custody as well as adopting non-citizen children.

If you believe there are potential immigration issues in your client’s family law case, do not put your client’s immigration status at risk. Contact our lawyers online or call 612-333-3343. We look forward to speaking with you.  Visit our law team in Minneapolis for more info.