Deferred Action

On June 15, 2012, President Obama announced that certain young immigrants could stay in the United States for two years without fear of deportation. This program offers the chance to live free from fear, to work and to go to school in the United States. We can help you get there.

The program, known as “deferred action” or “DACA,” allows some undocumented individuals to obtain work authorization. At the end of the two years, the permissions can be renewed. Deferred action is available for those who:

  • Arrived in the United States before age 16
  • Are not older than 30
  • Have spent the majority of the last five years in the United States
  • Are in school or have a high school diploma or equivalency certificate
  • Are in the military or are military veterans

You will also need to undergo a criminal background check. If you have a felony or serious misdemeanor (such as domestic violence) on your record, you should not apply for deferred action without consulting an attorney. Your application may be denied and you could be subject to deportation. Our immigration lawyers know the procedures and documentation requirements and will help you determine if you are eligible. Do not miss out on this opportunity to stay in the United States legally.