Employee vs. Independent Contractor

It is common for companies to deny workers’ compensation benefits in construction accidents claiming that the employee is actually an independent contractor. Do not let this keep you from benefits that you deserve.

If your employer classifies you as an independent contractor, the employer can claim that you are not owed any benefits. In many cases, Minnesota law considers injured workers to be employees, rather than independent contractors. It does not matter if your employer had you sign documents stating you were an independent contractor or provided you Form 1099 for taxes. It is important to trust our experienced firm to investigate your rights and fight for your benefits while you focus on getting healthy.

The rules regarding a work-related injury for employees and independent contractors are different. In many cases, independent contractors have more of an employee-employer relationship with the employer and may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits, depending upon the nature of the relationship.

Union Representation

If you are a member of a union, you may be under specific requirements to report your work-related injury through your union representative. Before taking any action about your injury, your union office is a good place to begin the process.

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