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Somali Immigrant to Minnesota Seeks Visa for Spouse

March 23, 2012 – David Hahn

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The hardships that immigrants must often endure to start new lives in Minnesota are extraordinary and inspiring. When someone overcomes countless hardships to come here, it’s only natural to want a spouse, fiancé(e) and other family members to be able to join them.

In the case of intimate partners, that is where a spouse visa or a fiancé visa comes in.

Consider the story of Abdiaziz Warsame, a recent Minnesota immigrant from war-ravaged Somalia.

Warsame was living in Mogadishu with his wife and son when they were attacked by a militia. His wife Ayan was abducted. In the chaos following the attack, he lost touch with her.

Later, at a refugee camp in Egypt, Warsame got news from someone in his neighborhood that Ayan may have survived.

Meanwhile, Warsame was dealing with the medical challenges of his 10-year-old son. The son was autistic, suffered from physical disabilities, and urgently needed surgery.

Through the intervention of the Red Cross, Warsame was able to relocate to the U.S. He then began trying to trace her.

After eight months, the Red Cross, with the involvement of the Red Crescent, located Ayan in Mogadishu.

Reunification of the couple, however, remains a work in progress. Given the chaos that still prevails in Somalia, it is understandable that Warsame is not inclined to return there. He is, rather, seeking to get a visa for his wife to join him in America.

This process can take a long time – sometimes even years. But the attempt has begun.

Source: “Reconnected from Minnesota to Mogadishu,” Dan Olson, Minnesota Public Radio,” 3-15-12

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