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What to Prepare before Meeting with a Personal Injury Lawyer

March 16, 2018 – David Hahn

What to Prepare before Meeting with a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Preparing for your meeting with your personal injury lawyer can help you get more value out of your meeting. You’ll be able to quickly get your lawyer up to speed helping you resolve the case faster and save money. What are the essential things you should do before going into their office?

Gather Evidence

If you want a successful resolution, then you need to have proof of your injury and the damages it has caused in your life. Here are a few things that can help strengthen your case:

  • Go to the doctor. If you haven’t visited a doctor, then you’ll have a hard time proving that your injuries were significant.
  • Organize your documents. It’s important to bring all of the documents related to your case to the attorney’s office. These documents could include medical bills, emails, photos, police reports, medications and other services you required due to the accident.
  • Find witnesses. If you there were any witnesses, then you should have their contact information on hand.
  • Take notes. Documents the ways your injury has affected your life, routine, and finances. Keeping a journal is also a good way to show how your injury is affecting you emotionally and psychologically.
  • Record important dates. You should organize all important dates related to the case in one place, such as the date you were injured, when you visited the doctor, and so on. It could be helpful to put these on a calendar or agenda for easy reference.

Prepare a List of Questions

You want to resolve the case quickly and be compensated fairly for your injuries. This means that you’ll need to entrust your case to the right attorney. Lawyers have a variety of specialities, so you’ll need to make sure they have the right skills for your case. Below are a few questions you can start with:

  • How many personal injury claims have you handled?
  • How many did you win?
  • Would you handle my case personally? If not, can I talk to the person who will handle my case as well?
  • Do you see any problems with handling my case?
  • Is there a maximum amount of time you’re willing to spend on my case?
  • Do you have any ideas for handling my case?
  • Would you bring in any experts to help prove my case?

Remember your goal is to find out if the lawyer is a good fit for you, so ask questions that are specific to your case. Personal injury cases aren’t always resolved quickly. By asking these questions, you’ll find someone that you can work with long-term.

Determine the Costs

No matter how you feel about discussing money it’s something you can’t gloss over. Your resources are limited and you want to make your money last until you get a successful resolution. Below are some common financial terms that can help you better understand the costs relate to your case.

Contingency fee: This is a percentage that the lawyer receives after resolving your case. Sometimes the lawyer won’t ask for any money up front and will work for the contingency fee. If you’re planning on working with this arrangement it’s important to fully understand the terms of the agreement. Ask questions about the total percentage and what happens if you lose the case.

Out-of-pocket expenses: These are the expenses that you’ll have to pay that aren’t covered by insurance or included in the contingency fee.

Carry the case: This is when the law firm is willing to wait for judgement on your case to receive payment.

Retainer: This is money you give the lawyer to guarantee their services. It’s a good idea to ask if you’ll get this money back after the case is resolved.

A good lawyer will make sure that you understand your arrangement with them and be transparent when talking about money. At Robichaud, Schroepfer & Correia, P.A. we help our clients understand their options, and prepare to win their case. If you’re having trouble navigating your personal injury case, contact us for a free consultation today.

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